What do I do if I want to foster or adopt a dog?

Just fill out an application (link found on our home page) and submit it to us. We will be in touch within a few days of receiving the application.

How do I know which dogs are looking for a foster home?

We keep our Facebook albums up to date. You can find the dogs needing a foster home in our “Dogs Needing Foster Homes” album on Facebook.

Where can I find your adoptable dogs?

We keep our Facebook albums up to date. You can find our adoptable dogs in our “Dogs Up for Adoption” album on our Facebook page.

If I decide to foster a dog, how long will it be in my home?

This varies widely from dog to dog. Their stay could be for as little as one day, or could be for many months. Our average stay is about 2 months, but we have had an occassional dog in foster care for a year or more.

What if a dog I am fostering isn’t a good fit for my family?

Our goal when we place a dog in a foster home is to not have to move the dog again until it is adopted. However, we also do not want to keep a dog in a sitution that just isn’t working. So, if things are not going well, we first see if we can do anything to solve the situation to make it work. This can include consulting with a trainer, giving access to limited doggie daycare, etc. If it just is not working, we start looking for another foster home immediately. If the sitution is urgent, we will place the dog in boarding until we can find a foster home, but this is a last resort and something we try to avoid.

How long will it take before I hear if my application is approved?

The average time is 3 days, but some applications go much faster while others take longer. We are run completely on a volunteer basis, and sometimes application speed depends on how many people we have to work on them. Often times applications may be delayed while we try to contact your references, so please let them know ahead of time that we will be in touch. Thank you for your patience.

How long does it take to get the vet paperwork after adopting a dog?

Vet records are typically mailed out on Mondays. If it has been more than 10 days since your adoption, please email us if you don’t have your vet records.

What is the barcode included in my vet paperwork?

The bar code is the microchip identifier for your pet. Most dogs need to be registered at www.24petwatch.com, but occassionally other manufacturers are used. If you have questions, please contact us.

If I foster a dog, what will be provided?

All dogs are taken to the vet and given vaccines before they arrive into the rescue. Any vet care that needs to be done after you start fostering the dog will be paid for by the rescue, but needs to be pre-approved. We have relationships with several vets in the area, so if your foster dog needs to be seen by a vet, please contact us.

We have kennels, collars, and leashes available for our foster homes. We also have grooming supplies and food that can be provided upon request. Please contact us in advance if you need something.

What does it mean when “Pending Adoption” appears on a dog’s picture?

Dogs can have pending adoptions for many reasons. Sometimes we are waiting for some information from the adopters, and sometimes the dog has a health issue we are addressing before we finalize the adoption.

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