So, you (finally) got approved to adopt/foster your dog. You think you have finally made it and have a bed and some dishes waiting for him and all you need to do is bring him home, right? Not exactly, maybe you have already gotten necessary supplies to take care of your new furry friend, but you need to prepare for your dog to get into EVERYTHING. So, now you need to puppy proof. Here are some steps you canPuppy being playful take to ensure a safe environment for your dog to thrive in.

5 Puppy Proof Tips

Make sure the trash is out of reach.

This one is especially important because everything that we think to be trash goes in the trash which means there is no way anything in there is good for your dog. There are a lot of intriguing smells coming out of there too so don’t trust that your dog is going to leave it alone, it isn’t going to happen. As soon as the opportunity arises, they will jump in there to get anything that sparks their interest. Therefore, it is important to keep it out of their reach. I use my pantry but under the sink works as well and any other creative ideas you may have.

Contain or cover your cords.

If you have a super chewer like I do you know that they will put anything and everything in their mouths for fun. This includes electrical cords which can be very dangerous as you can imagine, especially when they become exposed. The best way to keep your dog from them is to get cord covers or deterrent spray.

Make sure personal bags are out of reach.

Think of how many possible toxins are in your purse or bag right now… deodorant, lipsticks, aerosol sprays, snacks… if you put within reach, they will get to it. It is important you don’t let them get ahold of these things because they can be very toxic to your dog. Zipping your bags shut (or however you close your bag) is a good way to keep them from getting in but just in case they chew their way in, try a coat rack or a coat closet.

Store medications.

Talk about potential toxins. There are very few medicines we humans can take that dogs can so if you have it, it is most likely they can’t. Try putting all your medications and vitamins in a cupboard of some sort so your furry friend can’t get to them

Store your cleaning products.

Same message as above with your medications. The only exception is that cleaning products have even more harmful things that can do a lot of damage to both us and dogs. The difference is, is that we know not to consume them however dogs don’t. This is why it is important to put them out of reach where they can’t get ahold of them.


Once you check these tasks off the puppy proof list, you officially ready to bring home your new family addition!